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Feature on Business Insider 

Feltzine is an international movement featuring some of the most respected artists and voices in the digital art space. They've been covered by The Creator's Project, PaperMag, and Nylon. Their month to month NFT sales has increased 500% since the start of 2021. 

Jenna Marsh

Jenna's Reel 

Jenna is a director, designer + photographer. She's collaborated with Beyonce, Tame Impala, Kanye West, Pusha T, Nicki Minaj, and lots of others. Her work explores the intersection of dreams and nightmares, and challenges the fabric of our reality. 

Bryan Zawlocki

Bryan founded ELEVATOR in 2012. Since its launch Bryan has turned the site into one of the most exciting platforms for music discovery and youth culture, surfacing dozens of household names throughout the years. Elevator currently has over 2M  subscribers on YouTube and hundreds of millions of monthly impressions across his platforms. Bryan curates produces and directs original video content for artists.

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