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Can Team Building Improve Business Profitability?

Team building is common in many businesses, both large and small. If you’re a leader in your business or an owner, you might be wondering if team building can help your business to boost profitability. We take a look at this question to see if the cost of a regular week or weekend away can help companies to become more profitable in the long term. 

Recruitment costs

In most businesses, people are one of the highest costs; their wages, recruitment costs and training costs are a huge proportion of the company's outgoings. People are also incredibly valuable; they can transform a failing business into a huge success. The right people will bring skills, knowledge and a strategy to your business that will be detrimental to business success. Investing in your people and ensuring they feel connected and appreciated at work can reduce recruitment costs and keep valuable employees working for your business. People are less likely to look for opportunities to change their employer if they’re satisfied with their current job role and the company where they work. Part of this satisfaction comes from feeling connected to the people they work with and forming quality relationships in the workplace. Team building works on bonding employees, helping to forge these meaningful relationships, which in turn can help reduce your recruitment costs and improve the success of your business. 

New transferable skills 

Many team-building activities focus on skills that can also be used in the workplace. Skills such as communication, leadership, problem-solving and negotiation skills can all be part of a team-building activity. In some workplaces, these skills can help the business to expand, gain new clients and ultimately increase the business profits. A team building event can teach employees these skills and highlight which employees naturally take on leadership roles in a team situation. For employers, this can be highly valuable information, especially if a leadership role is available within the business. Finding out the best person to promote can help the business become more successful in the future. Look out for team-building activities that can teach employees new skills they might need to improve in the workplace or highlight their current strengths.

Encourage hard work 

If you offer an unforgettable team-building experience to your employees as a reward, it can encourage them to work harder. Some companies include team-building activities as part of an incentive trip that is only available if employees meet their targets. This is a fantastic way to boost productivity and encourage hard work. If targets are met, the business profitability will increase. For this to be effective, the trip needs to be desirable, for example, a holiday to Malta which includes some unforgettable team-building activities. Organising a trip like this is simple if you choose to use a company that specialises in destination management for Malta. They will organise everything from the flights and accommodation to the individual team-building activities, so you can focus on meeting targets and maximising profitability. 

Positive company culture

People work best when they are in a positive environment that is relaxed and open to new ideas. When constantly scrutinised or afraid to speak up, employees are more likely to do the bare minimum amount of work needed to get the job done. A positive company culture can help business profits by encouraging new ideas and keeping employees happy and motivated. One way to encourage a positive culture of communication is through team-building activities. When employees get to know each other outside of work, they’re more likely to speak up in a work setting. Ideas from the most junior employees can be really helpful for improving the way a business operates and boosting productivity and profits.

These are just some of the ways that team building can positively impact a business and lead to improved profits. Businesses are complicated; people need to be happy and work together for the company to succeed. This can’t be done without effective teamwork and building strong relationships within the workplace. If you’re finding a lack of communication is impacting how effective your employees are in their jobs, you might want to consider a team-building event to try and improve these skills.